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Internationally known hip-hop artists and Youth Motivational Speakers Playya 1000 and The Deeksta are taking hip-hop music off of the streets and out of the clubs and into schools, camps and organizations.
They are using the urban art form to inspire, motivate, and change the mind-set of the next generation.  When people normally think of hip-hop they associate it with negativity. Playya 1000 and the Deeksta are living proof that this is only a stereotype, as they are taking this thriving art form to another level.

Very few, if any, teen motivational speakers can reach and relate to today's youth with the style and swagger that Playya 1000 and the Deeksta do.  Playya 1000 and the Deeksta have performed to thousands of students with their fun-filled, powerfully motivating hip-hop style. This dynamic duo incorporates an inspiring message of hope, understanding and perseverance over beats that keep the crowd moving. This incredibly entertaining presentation is just the start of what they call the 20/20 Movement.

The 20/20 Movement will inspire the hip-hop generation to make good choices as it relates to the various forms of entertainment that they not only consume, but also that they create. Thus the "Mission-20/20 Vision Tour" is a powerful way to reach, inspire, and motivate your students, so go ahead and add your next event to the tour today!!!!
This incredibly fun-filled and powerful presentation gives your students insight on how the choices they make directly effect their lives, not only today, but in the future. This presentation is interactive and full of excitement. Your students will learn proven principles that can help shape and empower their lives in the future such as:

*Trust and faith in parents and teachers

*Understanding of never giving up

*Commitment to making good choices

*Commitment to being positive and productive people in life

*** Our presentations are very flexible so if you have a theme or certain issue you would like us to address (such as gangs, abstinence, test taking, etc) we are more than happy to adjust our presentation to focus on those key points.
I really appreciate you guys taking the time to come speak to us. Keep on doing what you are doing it really motivated me."

Lakeside Academy, Tulsa, Ok
"The kids couldn’t stop talking about you guys. You really left a lasting impression. You guys are truly gifted."

KIPP, Tulsa, Ok
"When energy meets inspiration magic happens! Playya 1000 and The Deeksta are true magicians of hip-hop, great job!!!"

Union Schools, Tulsa, Ok
"I have to admit, when I heard we had rappers coming to motivate our kids, I was a little worried, but after watching you guys, I was just as motivated and pumped as the students! In a word, 'Incredible'. Thank You."

Carver Middle School, Tulsa, Ok
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