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Double click1-Gee and Deeks or
Playya 1000 as they are better known are
international underground stars. They recently
performed a sold out show in Yokohama
/Tokyo Japan.  People from Japan, Germany,
Canada, Australia and more have paid over
$500 per CD on Ebay for anything created or
produced by the duo. After taking a break from
the game, Playya 1000 returned with a new
passion and purpose and released ‘20/20
Vision’, a combination of the classic Playya
1000 G Funk mixed with a new school Dirty
South vibe.

“That album represented the natural
process of life, the older you get, the clearer you
see the game of life,” 1-Gee says. “It was and is
a very important rap CD because it is so street
relevant, but it accomplishes this without all the
drama or negativity. 20/20 Vision gives you the
reality of the streets, because it gives you the
real truth, that for every action there is a
reaction, be it good or bad the choice is yours.

The momentum gained from 20/20
Vision set the stage for the release of "Cover
Me I'm Going In" which picked up where 20/20
Vision left off, but was definitely more present
day ready. 20/20 Vision was a spearheaded by
a series of re-works of previous Playya 1000
releases. The "Cover Me" project featured the
heart felt powerful single "Mama" which has
received critical acclaim and some are saying is
worthy of a Grammy. The video for this song is
just as incredible and has been compared to
Tupac's 'Dear Mama".

That brings us to present day and their
new CD "Keep it 1000" This CD is packed
with singles. The first single and video, which is
an ode to success, entitled "Bout That Life" has
received great feedback from radio by reaching
an audience of over 2 million. The success of
"Bout That Life" set the stage for their 2nd
release "Go Play". This song is guaranteed to
get the party turnt up. This song has been called
the feel go record of the year and the response
has been incredible.  The 3rd release "Noted' is
a present day out of control funk track mixed
with incredible lyrics and the next catch phrase
for the nation. When you are "Noted"
everybody knows your name. “Bout That Life”
,"Go Play" and "Noted" are all great songs and
deserve to be heard by the masses. 1-Gee and
Deeks also plan to shoot videos for most of the
songs on the "Keep It 1000" project. They feel
this is their best work yet and their songs tell
stories that need to be both seen and heard. The
dynamic duo will also continue their work with
youth via motivational performances, True
Emcee Challenges (which are rap contests
that challenge emcees to create verses with
no profanity or crazy content) and anything
that impacts the lives of people and enhances
their 20/20 Movement.

For more information regarding Playya 1000
please visit, email playya1000 or contact Fred Frierson at
9189028753. to edit
Fred Frierson is a life champion. He is also an entrepreneur, speaker, voice-over talent, basketball coach, international underground hip hop artist, and motivational lyricist. Fred is a man who wears many hats, all of which fit under one umbrella - LIFE TRANSFORMER! Fred is a master at transforming, reinventing, and changing not only his persona, but the lives of others. For years, he’s been known by many throughout the world as Playya 1000, hip-hop artist extraordinaire, but has since decided to reinvent himself and combine the power of speech, spoken word, and hip hop to become the triple threat life transformer Freddy Fri your PushaMan, whose mission is to push you to achieve the greatness you have within.

Freddy has many reasons to call himself a life champion. Despite losing his mother at four years old, growing up in a home with a mentally abusive, drug using step mother, selling drugs as a young adult, raising four children as a single father, and not obtaining a Bachelor’s degree until age forty-three, he remains passionate and strives to make every day a WINSday. Through the adversity, he found a way to persevere and WIN, both financially and, more importantly, mentally. He delivers stories from his own personal experiences in unique ways, which captivate, empower, and inspire people of all ages.

Freddy's commitment to life transforming and adding value to others has been evident for years. Over the last two decades, he has recorded hundreds of hip hop songs, each filled with hope, perseverance, inspiration, and life. In addition, he has spent the last seventeen years as a nationally successful AAU coach and mentor to boys and girls of all ages. He has helped a plethora of students receive scholarships by using basketball to teach many life changing lessons. For the past ten years, he has been the owner of Court Time Events, hosting youth basketball tournaments which not only promote healthy competition and wellness, but also teach sportsmanship, relationship building, how to handle adversity, youth safety, and so much more. 

In 2016, Freddy took his life transforming aspirations to a new level when he started his social media driven weekly video series "Make Everyday A WINSday", released every Wednesday. This is where motivation and empowerment meet spoken word and hip hop.  At the end of each video, he affectionately says he must transform from Freddy Fri to Playya 1000 for the weekly music video, bringing his status as the LIFE TRANSFORMER full circle! Not long after his WINSday videos began, they sparked a new trend: his Daily Diamond videos. Released Monday thru Friday, these nuggets of wisdom are one-minute power ups, designed to get you energized and motivated for the day. The response has been overwhelming, with over one million total views and counting. The success of the videos has led Freddy to record numerous voice-overs for other motivational companies and to participate in speaking engagements at elementary, middle, and high schools, clubs, organizations, and most notably, Herbalife's Success Training Seminar. Fred is driven by his desire to help people win the day, so that they ultimately win at life.

For more information, please visit, email or contact Fred Frierson at 9189028753