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This incredibly fun-filled and powerful presentation gives your students insight on how the choices they make directly effect their lives, not only today, but in the future. This presentation is interactive and full of excitement. Your students will learn proven principles that can help shape and empower their lives in the future such as:

*Trust and faith in parents and teachers

*Understanding of never giving up

*Commitment to making good choices

*Commitment to being positive and productive people in life

*** Our presentations are very flexible so if you have a theme or certain issue you would like us to address (such as gangs, abstinence, test taking, etc) we are more than happy to adjust our presentation to focus on those key points.
I really appreciate you guys taking the time to come speak to us. Keep on doing what you are doing it really motivated me."

Lakeside Academy, Tulsa, Ok
"The kids couldn’t stop talking about you guys. You really left a lasting impression. You guys are truly gifted."

KIPP, Tulsa, Ok
"When energy meets inspiration magic happens! Playya 1000 and The Deeksta are true magicians of hip-hop, great job!!!"

Union Schools, Tulsa, Ok
"I have to admit, when I heard we had rappers coming to motivate our kids, I was a little worried, but after watching you guys, I was just as motivated and pumped as the students! In a word, 'Incredible'. Thank You."

Carver Middle School, Tulsa, Ok
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Fred Frierson is a life champion, entrepreneur, speaker, voice over talent, basketball coach, international underground hip hop artist and motivational lyricist. Fred is a man that wears many hats that all fit under one umbrella - LIFE TRANSFORMER! Fred is a master at transforming, reinventing and changing not only his persona, but the lives of others. He is known by many in numerous countries throughout the world as Playya 1000, hip hop artist extraordinaire, but he made a decision to reinvent himself and combine the power of speech, spoken word and hip hop to become the triple threat life transformer Freddy Fri your PushaMan, whose mission is to help everyone make everyday a WINSday.

The reason he calls himself a life champion and is so passionate about making everyday a WINSday is because, inspite of his mother passing away when he was four years old, growing up in a home with a mentally abusive, drug using step mom, selling drugs as a young adult, raising four children as a single dad and not obtaining a bachelors degree until forty three. He found a way to persevere through the adversity and WIN, not only financially, but mentally as well. He delivers stories from his own personal experiences in several unique ways to captivate, empower and inspire people of all ages.

Freddy's commitment to life transforming and adding value to others has been evident for years. For the last twenty years he has recorded hip hop songs filled with hope, perseverance, inspiration and life. In addition to that the last seventeen years he has been a nationally successful AAU coach/mentor to boys and girls of all ages. He has helped many receive scholarships, using the tool of basketball to teach many life transforming lessons. For the past ten years he has been the owner of Court Time Events hosting youth basketball events that not only promote healthy competition and wellness, but also sportsmanship, relationship building, how to handle adversity, youth safety and so much more.

In 2016, Fred took his life transforming aspirations to a new level when he started his social media driven weekly video series "Make Eveyday A WINSday". Released every Wednesday. This is where motivation and empowerment meet spoken word and hip hop. It all came full circle because at the end of each video Fred affectionately says he has to transform from Freddy Fri to Playya 1000 for the music video that is played at the end of every video and hence the LIFE TRANSFORMER! The WINSday videos sparked his Daily Diamond videos which are released Monday thru Friday and are one minute power ups designed to get you energized and motivated for the day. The response has been overwhelming with over one million total views and counting. The success of the videos has led Fred to record numerous voice overs for other motivational companies and speaking engagements at elementary, middle, high schools, clubs, organizations and Herbalife's Success Training Seminar. Fred's driven by his desire to help people win the day so ultimately they win at life.